Sharethrough、2015年のネイティブ広告利用状況をレポート -媒体社の利用状況は急増-

Sharethrough, a leading software company that enables publishers to create, sell and monetize native ads on their websites and apps, today is reporting major growth in the use of its platform by digital publishers over 2015. Native ads, popularized by Facebook and Twitter, are a form of paid advertising that automatically adapts promotional content to match the form and function of the site in which it is placed. Sharethrough saw 518 percent growth in direct­-sold impressions run through Sharethrough for Publishers (SFP) since the beginning of the year, with the largest growth coming on publishers’ mobile websites and apps. Video was one of the fastest growing creative types for impressions sold directly by publishers with sponsored editorial also seeing very strong gains.

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As mobile traffic and overall time spent eclipses desktop for the majority of digital publishers, challenges have arisen in driving revenue from legacy online advertising formats such as display and pre­roll on their mobile properties because of issues with performance and negative consumer response. Content publishers are now turning to native ads to drive revenue on their mobile properties — Sharethrough reported 551% growth in native mobile ad impressions sold by publishers and that 62 percent of all direct­-sold native ad impressions through Sharethrough were delivered on mobile websites and apps in 2015.

“Warner Bros. Digital Media Sales has been aligning brands with seamless integrated opportunities for years on our digital platforms such as,” said Chris Lindquist, SVP National Sales at Warner Bros. “Our partnership with Sharethrough now allows us to have more meaningful distribution of native offerings across our growing mobile channels due to the elegant solution that Sharethrough brings and the relevant context to surround that content.”

To increase total revenues, publishers are now also using Sharethrough’s platform to manage multiple forms of native advertising revenue, including Real Time Bidding (RTB) and “mediating” advertising from third party platforms. Mediation allows publishers to monetize unsold advertising impressions by creating an automated auction among advertising platforms, such as ad networks or Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).