Opera Mediaworks、モバイル市場の最新レポートを公開

Opera Mediaworks has taken a new approach to its data report on the state of mobile advertising and, today, has launched Mobile First Insights (MFI), a quarterly report designed to help marketers navigate the quickly changing mobile environment and make strategic decisions that will drive real outcomes for their business.

The new report, which is highly visual and has more the feel of a glossy magazine than a traditional report, is organized into three sections: Data, Technology and Creativity.

Data trends from billions of impressions

Opera Mediaworks examined data from hundreds of global ad campaigns and billions of impressions served on the platform and combined it with some third-party data from external sources to paint a picture of where the mobile marketing industry is today, including “where the heat is” in the mobile app market and how consumers are interacting with mobile content and advertising messages.

続きを読む Opera Mediaworks、モバイル市場の最新レポートを公開